About CQ



Born in Sardinia, where she lives, as a young artist she grew up with a massive love of art and textile design.
Her experience as a textile design began in 2003, where she attended the Culture and Fashion Stylist course at the University of Florence, a period of time that also thanks to its impressive location allowed her to learn her unmistakable style.
Combining design and craftsmanship, her aesthetic is sophisticated and unique, but it is not limited to a single expression.
From painting to weaving fabrics with handloom, her artwork revokes techniques of ancient traditions along the plot through an innovative reworking.
She is able to convey her passion in different collections, from creations for home furnishings to fashion accessories and baby kits.
Her creations speak of art, technique and originality.


Textile Design

Study, design and production of custom fabrics and furnishings


The line of furnishing accessories to dress the house with an unmistakable style.


The precious fashion accessories for him and her, handmade with precious silks, cashmere and decorations.


Precious fabrics for precious babies, with her line of accessories for babies and children


The art that is told along a thread, between canvases, paintings and fabrics.


For the most demanding, tailored for the home and for fashion accessories, where creativity has no limits

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