Peach Pink and Black Cotton Silk Scarf


Lightness and softness but also practicality and elegance, I like to describe this scarf, wearable on various occasions. The Pink Peach color is a limited edition, in particular, this model presents a pictorial intervention made by hand.

Handmade product in Italy.

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Peach Pink and Black Cotton Silk Scarf

  • Size: 185 cm x 55 cm
  • Fabric: 40% cotton and 60% silk
  • Handmade product Made in Italy

Max 30 degrees
Do not spin.

Prodotto Realizzato a Mano:

Each product is unique and handmade in Italy by Caterina Quartana.
The realization of this article is entirely artisanal, every possible defect is the feature that makes it unique and precious.