Caterina Quartana Textile Designer CONCEPT STORE / CAGLIARI – Via Luigi Einaudi 14

Caterina Quartana, in collaboration with The Ab Gallery, have created a unique and multi-faceted space, a new frontier for art, fabrics, design and furnishings, in Via Luigi Einaudi 14 in Cagliari.

Art gallery, concept store, artisan art workshop and place for beauty and culture, where the well-known gallery opens the third permanent location and the talented textile designer studio and shop dedicated to her precious fabrics.

In the space of Via Einaudi 14, you will find the art of Caterina Quartana together with a selection of fabrics and home furnishings, fashion accessories and tailor-made services for curtains, coverings and textile design for the home and office dedicated to private and industry professionals.

Opening Hours Via Einaudi 14 Cagliari : Mon. 16.30/20.00 – Tue/Sat 10.00/13.00 – 16.30/20.00  – Closed on Sunday



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